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GCLTRG Informational Brochure

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GCLTRG Informational Brochure

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Galveston County Recovers: 
A Long Term Recovery Group


Galveston County Long Term Recovery Group (GCLTRG) is a collaborative network that addresses the long-term needs of Galveston County following a disaster.


We are made up of representatives from non-profit, faith-based, and civic organizations and government and business partners working in our county. 


We strive to provide:

  • Coordinated management of the long-term recovery process

  • Assistance to individuals and families affected by disasters who do not have adequate personal resources for their unique recovery needs

  • Advocacy for our county's most vulnerable residents especially seniors, individuals with access/functional needs, and lower income families to recover to a safe, sanitary and functional status.


Our GCLTRG objectives are to:

  • Meet together and communicate to assure most productive collaboration in addressing our mission

  • Assure appropriate linkage between government and non-government disaster response organizations

  • Encourage the availability of training for agencies with limited or no direct disaster recovery training

  • Assure public visibility of disaster recovery efforts

  • Build constructive relationships with other long-term recovery groups and community groups