Member Organizations

Membership Agreement & Application

Instructions: In order to submit the form, please download the file to your computer and open in your PDF software. Complete the form by filling it out in its entirety. When you hit Submit, an email using your own email provider will be populated with the Membership Agreement and Application as an attachment. Simply hit Send to submit.

About Membership in GCLTRG

  • Any entity such as a faith-based (diocese, presbytery, conference,, non-profit, governmental, business, and other organization and agency may apply for membership to the LTRG.  Different chapters of the same organization are encouraged to apply as one organization, although they may apply for separate memberships so long as they are managed separately and have separate corporate or other legal identities.


  • Each prospective organization shall complete an application form which is downloadable at the top of this webpage.


  • Each member organization shall designate a main representative as well as a list of up to three alternates.  One member from this list at attendance of a LTRG meeting will be entitled to vote at meetings.


  • Each member of the LTRG is expected to provide some type of support to the collective effort.  Such support can be in the form of money, materials, labor, or special expertise.


  • The United Way Galveston County Mainland may act as a representative for its member agencies that are not part of the LTRG.


  • GCLTRG Meetings are currently held every other week on Wednesdays, at 1:30pm in Wolston Hall of Holy Trinity Episcopal Church, Dickinson Texas.