When a Disaster Response Team from World Renew comes down our way, they have a beautiful ceremony they perform as they reach the end of their time rebuilding a Harvey house. This home kept them busy for eight weeks and they became family to the homeowner.

Although they have been in existence for almost 50 years it was not until about 1989 that they instituted the “Last Nail Ceremony” as an occasion to “celebrate God’s goodness, grace and mercy even in times of disaster ad devastation,” explained Sid Byma, DRS Site Manager.

They come to be “the hands and feet of Jesus and to show their love for their neighbor through the reconstruction and rebuilding not just of homes, but of the lives of the survivors of disasters like Harvey,” Byma continued.  The ceremony is truly a celebration of a shared accomplishment as the people from Galveston County Recovers, who orchestrate and oversee the projects, gather with the volunteers in a lovely “new” home that initially had been stripped down to the studs.

Pastor Danielle Cox presented the homeowner with a Sign of Hope explaining that the home now stands as a sign of hope for others who are still waiting for their homes to be healed. And just before the last nail is struck, they presented the homeowner with a Last Nail Wreath, explaining the symbolism behind it. The entire group then breaks into song “Bless this House Oh Lord We Pray.”

Blessings on Galveston County Recovery for continuing the work still to be done to recover fully from Harvey. And blessings on these volunteers who come all the way from Michigan to give of their time and their talents to restore our communities . . . one nail at a time.


Galveston County Long Term Recovery Group (GCLTRG) is a collaborative network that addresses the long-term needs of Galveston County following a disaster.


We are made up of representatives from non-profit, faith-based, and civic organizations and government and business partners working in our county. 


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