Hurricane Harvey


Most Destructive Storm in US History

Message Regarding Long Term Recovery Group Services

  1. Mainland Community Partnership operates the Galveston County Long Term Recovery Group (Galveston County Recovers) and has developed many partners and accessed funding from several sources to assist Harvey damaged households to recover from the effects of the storm. 

  2. Those resources including funding and volunteers are diminishing very quickly.  By the end of May 2020, most funding for home repair and unmet needs will be exhausted. 

  3. In addition to these resources, the federally funded Disaster Case Management program will be coming to an end over the next several months. 

  4. MCP will continue to work with The Texas General Land Office and other entities wanting assistance to identify clients in need of disaster recovery services; to advocate on behalf of our community for additional resources; and to focus on the “Lessons Learned” so that Galveston County is better prepared for future disastrous events. 

  5. Galveston County Recovers will continue to meet monthly for now, but we may alter the meeting schedule as needed for the future. 

  6. MCP is here for the long haul to serve vulnerable households in Galveston County.  The organization has been providing family support services to vulnerable people since 1991 and was actively involved in the recovery from both Hurricanes Ike and now Harvey. 

  7. We estimate that in Galveston County,  there are still be more than 3600 households in need of assistance.  MCP will continue to search for and request additional funding to meet those needs.  MCP still wants to keep in contact with those who have unmet needs for home repair or rebuilding, and/or replacement of essential home furnishings so that as additional resources, programs or funds are available, we can reach out to those who are still waiting and assist them to enroll in programs and access resources.

For additional Information, contact:

Lynda Perez

Executive Director - Galveston County Recovers


Gary Scoggin

President - Mainland Community Partnership 

Chair - Galveston County Recovers



Galveston County Long Term Recovery Group (GCLTRG) is a collaborative network that addresses the long-term needs of Galveston County following a disaster.


We are made up of representatives from non-profit, faith-based, and civic organizations and government and business partners working in our county. 


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