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When we formed this organization shortly after Hurricane Harvey ravaged our county, we knew we were taking on a huge task. Our goal from the outset was to see this recovery through, helping our residents get their lives back to normal. In many cases “normal” is a “new normal” which may be a bit different from the pre-storm “old normal.”


We are working hard to improve as many lives as possible. In our efforts to help, we are giving priority to families who are especially vulnerable. These vulnerabilities include the elderly, disabled, single parents with small children, and those without the means to fund their own recovery.


As the numbers in this report show, we’ve been successful in helping many of these folks. The numbers also show that, even a year and a half later, there are still many who need our help.


We intend for this report to be a tribute to the countless volunteers who have helped in our recovery. These people have come literally from near and far giving of their time and talent. We also


want to thank the staff who have worked tirelessly in professionally conducting the affairs of Galveston County Recovers and all of its affiliates. And of course, little of this would have been possible without the support of all the foundations and organizations that have provided financial

support. Their graciousness and willingness to help our community is nothing short

of amazing.


But most of all, we intend for this report to be a tribute to those in our county who have been impacted by the Hurricane. The faith, strength and resiliency of those we serve is a daily inspiration to continue the important mission that has been entrusted to us.


Thank you,

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“Our work focuses on identifying and developing resources to support the recovery of families affected by local disasters through disaster case management, home restoration, unmet needs and health and spiritual care.”

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