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  • Coordinated management of the long-term recovery process

  • Assistance to individuals and families affected by disasters who do not have adequate personal resources for their unique recovery needs

  • Advocacy for our county's most vulnerable residents, especially seniors, individuals with disabilities, and lower-income families, to recover to a safe, sanitary, and functional status


  • Meet together and communicate to assure most productive collaboration in addressing our mission

  • Assure appropriate linkage between government and non-government disaster response organizations

  • Encourage the availability of training for agencies with limited or no direct disaster recovery training

  • Assure public visibility of disaster recovery efforts

  • Build constructive relationships with other long-term recovery groups and community groups

Our Work

Galveston County sits on the upper Gulf Coast of Texas. Its three main areas are Galveston Island, the Bolivar Peninsula and the Mainland. There are thirteen different communities in the county in addition to a large population living in unincorporated areas. All Galveston County communities except for the City of Galveston and High Island on the Bolivar Peninsula had substantial damage from the storm.

“Thank you so much for working with us during our five days in the Galveston area. You provided the team with great jobs and also had all the supplies available for the crews as needed. Also, a great thank you for taking the time to meet with us on Sunday afternoon after our arrival. That meeting set the pace for all of our work and we hit the ground running on Monday morning. Thank you again. [Renee, the Team and I ] are planning to return to the Galveston area next spring and would love to partner with Galveston County Recovers.”

- Mike Anderson, St. Philip’s Disaster Relief Ministry

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